Guitarist, Engineer, Gadget geek


Greig McMillan (born 5th August 1973), also known on facebook as 'Lerxst Omega', is a guitarist with Glasgow Rush tribute band Clockwork Angels. In 2012 (not 2112!) Greig founded Clockwork Angels along with drummer Steve McGoldrick and keyboard player John Eadie.

Always looking for the best way to emulate Lifesons sounds, Greig moved away from traditional amps and effects and opted for the Line 6 POD HD500. Sticking with this set up through the different models that line 6 developed, Greig now uses the Line6 Helix, Line6 James Tyler Variax guitar, and in ear monitors in place of an amp or stage monitors. Acoustic guitar parts are covered using the piezo pickups of the JT69 with some processing from Helix. His other guitars include a Fender strat, Gibson Les Paul Access, Gretsch and Epiphone J200 semi- acoustic.

In addition to playing music, Greig has appeared in a short film, Bon Voyage, written, directed, and produced by his friend Neil Mac. Greig is also the co-owner of a rehearsal and recording studio, Transmission Room.

Outside of the band Greig dabbles in writing orchestral pieces on his mac, does a bit of cycling and enjoys watching sci-fi movies, in between the day job in an Engineering Consultancy. A gadget and tech junky, he has been married to Laura for 8 years and they live in Glasgow with their two cats.