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About Clockwork Angels

Whilst watching the Time Machine Tour DVD after yet another originals band had fell apart, Greig had the idea to form a Rush tribute band. Growing tired of playing in original bands and not getting anywhere, this seemed like a great idea. "How hard can it be?.....right??"

The next question was what other musicians were out there that ;
a) liked Rush
and most importantly....
b) could play the ever so slightly challenging music of Rush.

Almost instantly two names jumped out. Steve McGoldrick (Drums) and John Eadie (Keyboards). One filled both criteria, the other definitely filled the second of being capable and competent enough to play, but wasnt really into Rush. Hey ho, Greig thought....time to get a rehearsal going.

Despite initial reservations and talk of "This is way too hard!" the trio pressed on and managed some reasonable renditions of Subdivisions and Bravado. Next on the agenda was a bassplayer/singer....or a bass player and a singer.....It was obvious from the start that there was very little chance of finding a bass playing, keyboard playing singer to take on the role of Geddy.

After answering an online advert the band recruited Paul Gordon aka "Fozzy" on bass. The hunt continued for several months for someone to take on the vocals. After almost giving up on finding someone, Greig was browsing through the spam in the bands e-mail inbox only to discover that someone had written to the band putting themselves forward for the position of vocalist! However, this e-mail was written months previously and hadn't been seen due to the volume of spam (the only e-mails the band received!". Afer a quick apologetic e-mail back, with luck, the person was still available and still up for it. Enter Andy Dixon into the band. Rehearsals began feverishly and  before long a set began to take shape.

Instead of going down the normal route of booking some small gigs and gradually building a following, the band decided "Can't stop thinking big", and promptly booked a 500 capacity venue for their first gig! This wasnt as mad as it might sound. As fate woud have it, the real Rush were booked to play Glasgow SECC as part of the Clockwork Angels tour (sadly perhaps the last time Rush will have played Glasgow), so the band decided to use this as a launchpad. Circa 2000 fliers were dished out in the car park outside the SECC on the night of the Rush gig, launching the newly formed Clockwork Angels Rush tribute and announcling their gig at the Oran Mor Glasgow. The gig was a great success and the band was officially launched. Several more gigs followed including Classic Grand Glasgow and Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh.

Like many other bands, members came and went......and came back again! After a lengthy period of uncertainty and line up changes, the band have now settled on the current line up. Andy, took some time out from the band but recenty came back refreshed and envigorated. The band were also over the moon to have Willie Winsborough join on bass after Paul's departure. An uber Rush fan, fantastic player and all round nice guy Willie brings his encyclopedic Rush knowledge and complete's the curent line up of Clockwork Angels.


With the line up settled and the band back in full swing, Clockwork Angels are hungry to get out and play live. Their first gig back after a two year hiatus was a slot at the prestigous Rush European Fan Convention (Eucon) in Crewe in October 2016. This was a resounding success with both the band and the audience  both rising to the occassion. Footage from the gig can be found on the bands youtube channels as well as the "Music" page of this site.

Hot on the heels of this, Clockwork Angels are booked for Ivory Blacks Glasgow in January 2017. Many more appearances and surprises are lined up as well as 2017 looks to be a busy one for Clockwork Angels!

“Their playing was tight, accurate and energetic and their last song Clockwork Angels was scarily accurate.They quite deservedly went down a storm.”
David Egan- Rush Eucon 2016