Vocalist, Cyclist, Prog fan, Family man

Andy Dixon (born 17th March 1971) is the vocalist in Clockwork Angels and joined the band in 2013 as a stop gap until they found someone who actually sounded like Geddy Lee. The band are still looking....
He took leave of the band in late 2014 due to 'life stuff' but returned recently to pick up the mic to sing the Rush tunes he loves oh-so-muchly.
Andy has been singing in bands and been a big prog fan since his mid teens and apart from one particular crappy instance has thoroughly enjoyed his musical journey thus far. He currently prefers to use Sennheiser microphones and has a cheeky wee E945 for stage use, although thinks that the E935 might have been a better choice for his voice. Andy also has his heart set on purchasing a Telefunken M80 mic at some point just so he can hold it, look at it and admire its beauty!

​Andy likes food (especially cake), cycling, cake, endlessly droning on about his time working in Antarctica and eating cake. He is also in the process of setting up a home recording studio with the aim of starting to write some tunes for the first time in many many years. His first EP is expected to be released at some point in 2035 although it will probably be released some considerable time after that, probably posthumously!

As an appreciator of music , Andy has developed eclectic tastes and will give anything a go. The same goes for movies, he doesn't watch a lot of TV.
A family man, Andy is married to Sharon and has two kids whom he is currently trying to brainwash into liking Rush.